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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should someone build a custom home verses buy an existing home?


In today's competitive market, there is an inventory shortage. This presents a buyer with limited options that may not meet most of their needs. 


What are some other reasons for building verses looking for a home on the resale market?


Since the resale market is so competitive, you may be forced to bid against other buyers, which could result in overpaying for the home. 


What are some benefits to building?


A budget can be set to aid in not overpaying for the area. This can lead to having instant equity. You can design a custom plan that meets all of your needs and have the freedom to create and stick to a budget. 


Are there financing options similar to what is available on the resale market?


Yes. Many lenders are offering competitive one time close loan products with low interest rates. 


Who do you suggest for custom builds?


RobRyan Builders out of Houston Texas is who I recommend. They are a true custom build company that has been building in the greater Houston area for over twenty-three years. Brent Allen Properties has partnered with RobRyan and clients to assist in the build and the land acquisition process. If you would like to discuss further, please contact us today. 

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